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Setup and Teardown steps ‚Äč

The before and after sections are optional top level sections that can be used to run steps before or after the tests section has run. These sections can be useful to set up or tear down test data.

Any variable captured in the before section will be available in the tests and after sections. However, since variables captured in individual tests are not shared to other tests, any variable captured in the tests section will not be available in the after section.


Steps defined in before and after sections are ran as tests and will therefore be reported as such. Those steps will count in the overall results summary and any check failure will cause the entire run to report as failed.

Example usage

version: "1.1"
name: "`before` and `after` sections example"
  name: Before all
  steps: []
    name: Test 1
    steps: []
    name: Test 2
    steps: []
  name: After all
  steps: []